Imagine being able to feel free in your body, to move away from pain, and feel good. Let me show you how!

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My name is Cassie

I believe pain is not an inevitable thing we have to endure. If you are ready to invest in yourself and feel better, you are in the right place!

Life can be BETTER! Let's make life better together!

Specific movements can be utilized to combat modern day ailments. These movements can be fun, and they can be integrated into our everyday life. It is never too late to take that first step toward feeling better!

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Sustainable Yoga

Yoga, Pain management,

Understanding the difference between coping and curing


Let me show you how! Working with modern day science and the ancient wisdom of yoga we can move our bodies in more sustainable alignments and even have fun along the way!

Despite years of my dedicated yoga practice I still had back pains that were getting worse. I was shocked that five doctors told me my back pain was old age in my 30’s! I was given the impression this pain was a life sentence and I needed to learn to cope with it. PLEASE do not give up on yourself this way! After extensive research I was surprised to realize yoga was the root of my ongoing back pain. And after 12 days of learning some alignment points I finally started to feel better. This is why I love to share these amazing techniques with everyone. My name is Cassie, and I believe pain is not an inevitable thing we have to endure. I know some movements can be tools to build a stronger body and move away from pain. I love working with committed people who are dedicated to their own wellness and want to move better. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and enjoy a better wellbeing, you are in the right place!

Life can be BETTER, let’s make life better together!

Cassie Love

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Group yoga classes with Cassie Love

Tuesday  –  10:00 am – Hatha  –  Taggart Family YMCA-YWCA

Wednesday – 7:30 pm – Yin – Upward Dog Yoga Centre         

Thursday  –  10:00 am – Hatha  –  Taggart Family YMCA-YWCA
Thursday  –  4:30 pm – Hatha  – Upward Dog Yoga Centre     

Sunday  –  10:00 am – Hatha –  Taggart Family YMCA-YWCA

My Yoga classes are a balance of physical postures, mini-anatomy lessons,  relaxation, and speaking to the spirit.


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